My World 2

Last I spoke of this we left off with my meeting Xilaskar so I will be continuing from there. Xilaskar was a big demon for our young age even compared to myself who stood a good two heads taller than the others in my family. He had a very regal, strong, almost overwhelming presence about him. Just by laying eyes on him most would lower their gaze and pray he wasn’t in a disagreeable mood. Before my change I may have done the same but I was young foolish and itching to test the limits of my new found power and so I walked straight up to him and challenged him to a fight…… Read more

Slavery in The Human Realm Today


Humans I do not know whether or not most of you are aware of the horrendous atrocities that go on in this world everyday but allow me to say this it is your responsibility to learn about them and to work to stop them so that the people enduring these hardships are given some reprieve. The act that I am writing about is none other than SLAVERY. Read more

Mental Illnesses

I am sorry humans I know that I should be telling the rest of my story but something has been brought to my attention that I just can not overlook. I have only been on this earth a short time and while I still do not fully understand the ways of you humans I can say one thing for sure, the way those with mental illnesses are treated is absolutely disgusting. Read more

My World

I have realized that while I can easily learn about your world you humans have no safe easy way of learning about mine. Of course you could attempt to summon a demon, which doesn’t always work and when it does the demon will usually have little else on his mind other than getting a quick snack, and any answers you get out of them are going to be half baked, maybe even complete lies. So I have decided to educate you all on the customs, art, culture, and history of my homeland. Read more


Humans join me as I take on the task of conquering this world. To my most loyal followers I will grant great and amazing powers to assist them and myself. These powers aren’t very destructive but they can greatly assist you some examples of these powers are self confidence, courage, and a calm mind. To all those that wish to follow me I offer my help and advice on whatever issues you may have. If need be I shall even put off taking over this world until the problems of all my followers are resolved, because before we can seize this world we must strengthen our hearts and souls. Rejoice my followers for what could be better than The GREAT DEMON LORD, wisest and strongest of all beings, offering you his help and his words of wisdom. No matter the issue, be it just venting your troubles to needing help against those who would wish you harm, I shall do my utmost to help you for what ruler does not care for his subjects.